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Help your clients save money without reducing the health care they get.
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Advantages for employers, employees, providers, and brokers!

Because of the DPC model, a lot of people will be able to gain convenience and direct access to health services. How do employers, employees, primary care providers, and brokers take advantage of DPC?

Preventive Health Leads to Better Outcomes for Patients

Because doctors are easily accessible by patients for routine checkups and appointments, health issues can be detected earlier. With earlier diagnosis, there is a greater chance of successful treatment. This is of great help for those who are showing signs of liver issues, pre-diabetes conditions, or pre-cancerous conditions. In fact, diabetic patients can run annual expenses of about $10,000.

Healthcare is Focused on the Patient

Doctors and other medical providers can spend as much time as needed for every patient. Gone are the days when each patient’s consultation time is reduced due to overcrowded clinics and overbooked daily appointment schedules.

More Affordable Healthcare

Employers enjoy significant savings compared to spending on health insurance for their employees. This is because membership fees are significantly less costly and there are no third-party fees or hidden charges involved. This also reduces the occurrence of unnecessary tests or specialist referrals, which are often the cause of increased health care rates. Consequently, there is little need for administrative tasks involving insurance billing. Companies that have already switched to DIRECT PRIMARY CARE for some of their employees say they are saving 40% over traditional health care insurance.

In the same way, employees also benefit from the DPC model. They now have direct access to same-day doctors appointments, follow-up checks, lab tests, and prescription medications. All in all, employees enjoy the value of what they pay for on a monthly basis. When employers offer this as part of their benefits program, it can attract more applicants and boost the reputation of the company as a whole.

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