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The complex health care system involving insurance claims and limited group health insurance coverage has reduced so many benefits that employees ought to get. We know it can be a struggle, so why should your employees have to go through all that trouble when you can opt for per member per month based healthcare instead?

DIRECT PRIMARY CARE offers just that! Healthcare services that give employers like you a better way to invest money and gain direct benefits for the people who work in your company.

Those group health insurance premiums can be quite expensive, so a lot of employers are often forced to reduce the insurance coverage so that they can spread the benefits to more employees. Much worse, some employers forgo the health insurance benefit and put their employees at risk whenever a real health emergency arises.

However, this will no longer be the case for the people you hire when your company opts for inexpensive but more inclusive health care at DIRECT PRIMARY CARE. Adding affordable health care to your benefits and compensation package will help you attract and retain the best staff. Ultimately, this gives you and your employees the peace of mind that health care will be within reach whenever it is needed.

Why Employers Should Choose Us

DIRECT PRIMARY CARE is an arranged model of care that provides employees with access to care for a monthly charge per member per month. This model of care does not include filing claims on the employer’s insurance plan with saves on the cost of care. Employers benefit from this model due to the reduction in claims while the employee benefits from optimal healthcare services as well.

Employers can gain significant savings premiums. Also, there are fewer referrals to specialists and unnecessary tests, both of which are key contributors to the high health care costs. Indirectly, companies save by eliminating insurance billing and related administrative tasks.

Employees benefit, too. They can save time and hassle visiting a doctor, save money on visits, lab tests and medications. That all-around better experience boosts satisfaction with their company’s benefits program, and it can elevate the employer in the eyes of potential new hires.

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